Top Summer Festivals in Montreal That Will Bring a Smile to your Face

Music festival Montreal - Flickr CC glowjangles

Big cities are known to host festivals quite often. During summer, Montreal is filled with visitors who are taking a break from their workday experiences. The summer festivals bring people together for an exciting weekend or week of activity. In Montreal, there are several summer festivals that take place annually. This city is popularly known [...]

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Smiling Chinese Man on the streets of Shanghai, China


Today’s smiling faces travel photo is of candid portrait of a Chinese man smiling on the streets of Shanghai, China with a big authentic grin on his face. One of the most pleasant surprises of visiting Shanghai was the warmth and friendliness of the locals. I thought considering the size of the city it would [...]

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Smiling Faces in Pisac, Sacred Valley, Peru


Pisac is a small town in Peru’s Sacred Valley, 35 km northeast of Cuzco.  In addition to the impressive Inca ruins perched above the town, the place comes alive on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday when folks from around the valley arrive for the market.  Many wear traditional Inca clothing and are happy to pose for photos (for [...]

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A building nearby a pier in Toronto resembling a smiling face

This smiling faces contribution is a highly creative fish-eye shot of an old building that is rendered & composed resembling a smile near a pier in Toronto.

Late one night on a pier in Toronto, I used a metal pole to balance my waterproof point and shoot for a timed photo. As the flash went off, it fell down the inside of the pole a solid 10 feet. The next day was spent trying to retrieve it with a variety of ropes, [...]

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Children smiling at Batu Caves, Malaysia


This photo was taken at Batu Caves near Kuala Lumpur. We had just witnessed the Hindu ritual of mundan, where a two-month old boy had his head shaved. The boy was the little brother and cousin of these children who were quite hepped up about the whole thing. Since we are from Philadelphia we are [...]

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Tour Guide Smiling Rain Forest of Costa Rica

This is a photo of our travel guide with a leaf covering his body, leaving just enough room for his head to peer out from the rain forest of Costa Rica.

Trekking in the rain forest in Costa Rica is almost like being on a different planet. The flora and fauna are so incredibly different from anything I had seen back at home. A perfect example is this aptly named elephant ear plant which had the biggest single leaf in the plant kingdom. Our guide quickly stepped behind [...]

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Birthday Boy Leon, Spain

Photo from a small plaza in Leon, Spain, walking el Camino de Santiago having bonded with many of the pilgrims, on the birthday of Chabelo el amigo Mexicano.

“I took this photo in a small plaza in Leon, Spain, while walking el Camino de Santiago in September 2011. 20 days into walking, and having bonded with many of the pilgrims, it was one of the most amazing people’s birthday, Chabelo, el amigo Mexicano.” It was one of the best birthdays I have ever [...]

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Smiling Family in Vuna Village, Fiji

This is wonderful smiling faces travel photo of a lovely family located in Vuna Village which is located on the garden island of Taveuni in Fiji

I was lucky enough to visit with this family in Vuna Village on the garden island of Taveuni in Fiji.  The mother is known for weaving lovely floor mats and ceiling covers.  All the village women work hard to prepare pandanus leaves by boiling them, stripping them with shells to remove thorny edges, then drying the leaves [...]

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