5 things to do in Bandar Sunway, Malaysia

Bandar Sunway, or the “higher education hub”, is a bustling Malaysian city known for its food and many attractions. Located just under twenty kilometers from Kuala Lumpur, Bandar Sunway, has grown and evolved greatly over the past several years. The friendly, safe, and secure atmosphere, along with its warm temperatures, and abundance of activities are […]

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5 Tips on finding Cheap Flights from Vancouver to Hong Kong

Hong Kong at night

A flight is the best and fastest way to travel among different countries. This is the reason why nearly all the travellers choose an international flight whenever they have to travel to foreign countries. This preference of travellers has attracted a lot of businessmen to start their own airlines. We ourselves have been through this […]

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Active in Arizona: Fun and Fitness From Golf to Baseball and Beyond

Bell Rock Sedona Arizona

People flock to sunny destinations and Arizona is one place that definitely hosts plenty of sunshine. Even better, the southwestern conditions make it so you don’t have to worry about humidity. There is plenty to do outside whether you’re a golfer, runner, lover of baseball, etc. Flickr Creative Commons Scott Taylor – License 2.0 Hike […]

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Rail, Air, Bus and Ship: Know Your Rights When You Travel in Europe

Whether you know it or not, you have rights when travelling in Europe. Most people don’t think of it when they book, but they should. Know your passenger rights, regardless of whether it’s by plane, ship, bus, or rail, so you can protect yourself, as well as your money. Flickr Creative Commons: Whity Delays and […]

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Traveling with Your Bestie: Tips to Take a Road Trip and Still Be Friends at the End

Some say that you should always travel alone, but many more people prefer to go traveling with a friend and share the experience with someone. There’s no doubt that you can have a fantastic time traveling with someone else, but spending so much time with your best friend can have its challenges. Here are some […]

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Places You Should See Close to the London Airport

Located in West London, Heathrow is a major international airport and the busiest United Kingdom. If you are here and need to make the best use of your spare time, here is a list of what exactly you can do to make the best use of your time. Check out the things to do in […]

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No Layover: Tips for Taking a Long Flight Without a Short Temper

What’s worse than a layover? Not being able to get off the plane. When boredom sets in, you think you’re going to go crazy. Here’s how to keep your mind active when all you can do is sit there and wait. Flickr CC mhatrey Charge All The Things Before you get on the flight, make […]

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How to Sell Your Pre-owned Condo Fast

Morning Light Breaks over Côte d

The previous frenzy in condo sales appear to have reached a peak and are slowly unwinding and in some areas of Malaysia. The housing market has found itself swamped with unsold homes that have acted to stabilize prices or to push them down further. The main problem appears to be a glut of unsold homes. […]

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