Two Khmer Girls Hug | Smiling Faces From Cambodia


Today’s daily smiling faces travel photo is of two adorable Khmer girls embracing one another for a hug. They are genuinely enjoying the moment with their cute smiles, as seen by the girl in the front of the picture. This photo was generously contributed by Alexandra Baackes. Her travel blog Alex in Wanderland is …

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Smile with Tongue Sticking Out | Graffiti in Quito : Today

Graffiti is a part of the experience of traveling in South America. One can’t help but notice it. Although some may find it annoying or degrading, I view it as art that offers insight into a region/culture. This particular photo is of a face plastered on a wall smiling while sticking out …

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Smiling Monk | Vientiane, Laos | Travel Photo : Daily smiling faces travel photo of a smiling Buddhist monk flashing an authentic from the capital city of Vientiane, Laos.

Laos is as much of a chilled out nation as one is ever going to encounter.  I remember wandering around Vientiane when I spotted this smiling Buddhist monk.  He willingly posed for the photo flashing an authentic grin.  It’s moments like these that keep me on the dusty trail.  This daily smiling faces travel photo […]

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Cute Kids with Canadian Flags | Bitung, Indonesia : Cute Indonesian kids from Bintung showing off their newly acquired Canadian flags and pencils with a healthy does of smiles and grins.

This was taken in Bitung, Indonesia as I was waiting for the boat to cross over to Lembeh Island. These kids were hanging around a pirated DVD/CD booth hoping to get a chance to play a video game. When they spotted me, they came right over and plunked themselves down next to me. They loved […]

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Smiling Local | Norte Argentino | Travel Photo : This daily smiling faces travel photo is of a local lady delighted to be working away at her craft in the Northern region of Argentina.

A local indigenous lady from the Northern Region of Argentina is visibly delighted to be working away at her craft.  The smile on her faces tells the story of this picture.  The colourful outfit she is wearing is very typical of this particular region that is not far from the Bolivian border.  Although I didn’t […]

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Smiling School Kids | Agra, India | Travel Photo : Today

Today’s daily travel photo is of some genuinely friendly school kids from Agra, India. They were ecstatic to have their photo taken and afterwards were eager to look at it on the viewfinder screen. They enthusiastically talked about their day at school before we parted ways. This is a smiling faces travel photo from the […]

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Waving Teenagers | Kolkata, India | Travel Photo : A travel photo of a group of teenagers riding on the back of a truck in Kolkata, India smiling, waving, laughing and posing for the camera.

This group of teenagers riding on back of a truck in Kolkata (Calcutta), India were ecstatic to have their pictures taken.  As I was firing away and waving at them simultaneously, they more than reciprocated by waving back strongly, smiling, laughing and totally embracing the moment.  Whenever I see this particular photo it makes me […]

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Rickshaw Driver | Chiang Mai, Thailand | Travel Photo : My daily smiling faces travel photos is of a Thai man (rickshaw driver) who gave me excellent service in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

I’ve found that when I’ve been on the road I sometimes get excellent service that really sticks out in my mind. This particular rickshaw driver in Chiang Mai, Thailand exemplified this and then some. I wanted to take a picture of him afterwards so that I could remember his face. He gladly obliged and as […]

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