Take a trip to Turkey

Grand Bazaar, Istanbul - Flickr CC simononly

Turkey is a perennially popular tourist destination, combining the Mediterranean with the magic of the Middle East. This varied country boasts beautiful beaches and an array of incredible natural landscapes, from majestic mountain ranges and cascading canyons to volcanic craters and thermal springs. Centuries of civilisations have shaped this stunning country and relics remain from […]

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Boy wearing sunglasses


Today’s feature smiling face photograph is of a cute boy trying on my over-sized men’s sunglasses in the desert region of Jaisalmer, Rajasthan, India. // // // //

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Europe’s budget city breaks: Sofia vs. Budapest

The biggest church in Sofia - Flickr CC klearchos

With the effects of the credit crunch still hanging over us and Christmas around the corner, getting away for a quick autumn city break may seem out of reach for many. However, these holiday deals offer all the culture and great food and drink of a classic weekend escape, but on a shoestring. Sofia and Budapest, capitals […]

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Vietnamese girl with spider man hat


Today’s feature smiling faces from Vietnam is of a cute Vietnamese girl walking down a street in Dalat beaming a lovely grin while wearing a Spider Man cap. // // // //

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Cultural Landscapes: The Heritage of Ancient Egypt

Camels at the Pyramids - Flickr Eugene Regis

It is often startling to consider the age of the Egyptian civilisation. When the Great Pyramids of Giza were built, Woolly Mammoths were not yet extinct, and Cleopatra lived closer to the present day than she did to the construction of the Sphinx. What is remarkable about Egypt’s history is how enduring it is, with […]

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Wining and dining around Europe

Tapas for dinner - Flickr CC meminick

The entire world is under one roof when it comes to cuisine these days. Chances are, even the smallest village has an Indian takeaway, a Chinese restaurant and with TV cooking shows at an all time popularity high, the most delicious aromas emanate from the average kitchen. But there is nothing like tasting the food […]

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Finding the Most Thrilling Rides in Disney World, Florida

Tower of Terror at night - Flickr CC serenalyn

Disney World is the kind of place that you want to revisit again and again no matter your age. If you are looking for thrills, then there are many rides that offer exactly that. Here is just a small selection of some of the funnest rides you’ll be able to go on. Depending on the length […]

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Why A Trip To The Mediterranean Region Will Put A Smile On Your Face

Cyprus - Flickr CC isawnyu

When I first encountered the Mediterranean, I quickly fell in love with the warm climate, the vivid blue waters and the picturesque towns. On finishing University, a few good friends and myself decided to spend a couple of months exploring the ins and outs of this popular tourist trap. We expended a few weeks beforehand […]

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