For Families With a Spirit of Adventure, It Has to be Vietnam

Many families take trips to Disney World, the islands of Hawaii, or must-see cities in Europe such as France. Not many families can say they are planning a trip to Vietnam. It’s not that it’s difficult to do so but few know about the exotic destination. For families that are more adventurous, Vietnam is not out of the comfort zone. Understand there’s much to do yet few know why to go to Vietnam.



Sure, you can take a bike ride with the kids this weekend as usual, or you can navigate a series of winding roads through rice fields and small villages. Ha Long Bay features kayaking, hiking, and breathtaking views. Fishing is a major lifeline for Vietnamese people. Going net fishing is a fun experience and allows kids to learn about local culture.


Most kids are used to taking planes and the occasional bus to school, but Vietnam features a range of transportation options. Boats, oxcarts, and cyclos (a three-wheeled ‘taxi’) are a few unique riding experiences uncommon to most places around the world. Of course, you can enjoy familiar options such as Uber while in certain Vietnamese destinations.


Kids and families will come across people who live and do things differently. For example, most families go out to eat or open the cupboards when they are hungry. Some indigent people in Vietnam modify their diet depending on resources and the availability of food. Varieties of insects might be eaten when there are no other options. It’s a humbling experience that makes a positive impact on those more fortunate.

Hands-On Activities

Kids can enroll in cooking classes, learn martial arts, and take tours through the market. Visit the Vietnamese Opera and dress-up like the stars. Encourage your son or daughter to bring along a camera to capture images of things they don’t see back home, including Vietnamese locals doing new and exciting activities.

Head to the Beach

Perfume River is perfect for a boat ride at night and a safe place to take the kiddies. The beachside is not far away and makes for a nice way to enjoy the water in Vietnam. In addition to boat rides along the water, the market-lined streets light up at night and are stocked with places to enjoy native seafood dishes.

Take a Winter Break

It’s tough to get through the winter, but in Vietnam, they celebrate the Lunar New Year in February. Saigon is a great place to go at this time of year to enjoy the flower gardens, festivities, and great food. It can be very populated at this time, so book reservations at the Riverside Marriott in advance.

Familiar Entertainment

When kids get a bit homesick for the familiar, you can take them to amusement and water parks in Nha Trang and Ho Chi Minh. While amusement sites and water parks are not unusual places to visit with families, you are still amongst Vietnamese people and culture, which is truly unique.

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nadine November 6, 2017 at 3:58 am

I don’t normally like going back to destinations I’ve been to, but Vietnam is worth another visit for sure. There’s just so much to see and do and it’s easy to stay within your budget.
nadine recently posted..Mt. Sipit Ulang Day Hike with Payaran FallsMy Profile


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