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Vietnamese boys splashing and smiling

Considering their 20th century history, you’d be forgiven for thinking that the Vietnamese people don’t have a whole lot to smile about. But how wrong you’d be! Smiling is the national pastime here, and these aren’t the cheesy grins of those intent on parting you from your holiday spending money, but genuinely open and friendly […]


A happy face excited about flying by flickr user lordcolus

Trying to book a flight can sometimes be really frustrating. Between the different types of websites, plans and deals, choosing a cheap and easy option is hard work.   Thus, these are the easiest and quickest ways to save money booking a flight in America-: The key idea behind every strategy is to try to […]

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Smiling on board a ferry by flickr user zeinah

The popularity of using ferries as a method of transportation has risen amongst tourists. This is due to the numerous benefits derived from using this mode of transportation. When going for a vacation or any other kind of holiday, they are usually the best choice. The availability many top-notch models in the market avails an […]

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A smiling faces from Luang Prabang, Laos

Postcards and Posters to share my Travel Photos Sometimes I have to pinch myself when I think about the origins of this site.  If a series of unfortunate events hadn’t landed me back on my parents couch for several months, I would likely never have created this site.  Moreover, had I not been inspired to […]

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As I’m just two months away from completing my teaching contract in South Korea, I’ve been sitting down lately and pondering about my future travel plans.  Although I’m always keen on visiting countries and destinations I’ve never set foot on, I’m just as anxious to revisit some of my favourite far off corners of the […]

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Happy face from Barcelona, Spanish by flickr user bgrimmni

Next time you’re feeling slightly down in the dumps and in need of a tonic, try taking a break in sunny Barcelona to recharge your batteries and look at things from a refreshing new angle. This is a dynamic city where you feel rushed along by the torrent of life in Andalucía, awash with bright […]

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Smiling faces from Thailand

I’m thoroughly addicted to travel in Asia.  It’s by far my favourite region in the world for backpacking adventures.  With exotic and diverse cultures, language and cuisine I constantly feel stimulated; however, it’s also one of the most affordable and well developed regions for travellers. If you compare the available accommodation and find the best […]

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Gorgeous Menorca by flickr user paul_stephenson

The Most Unmissable Fiestas of Menorca Despite being the smallest Balearic Island, Menorca plays host to plenty of fantastic fiestas that attract thousands of revellers from across the island and beyond. Fiestas Sant Joan – 23rd June The biggest fiesta on Menorca takes place in late June, and although named after Saint John the Baptist, […]

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