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Jamaica - Flickr CC Sarah Ackerman

With beautiful beaches, great weather, and a unique Caribbean flavour, it’s easy to see why so many couples and families flock to this destination every years. This island is one of the hottest destinations in the Caribbean, and when you add cheap flights to Jamaica to the equations, it’s easy to understand its popularity. For those […]

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The natural beauty of the Hawaiian Islands is well-known to millions of tourists who come to this tropical paradise each year. A less known fact is its colorful sand beaches that range in color from white to black. For more info on the islands, check out the Hawaii travel guide, but in the meantime, let’s […]


Plaza Mayor, Madrid - Flickr CC exfordy

If you are planning on visiting Madrid and would like to learn more about what to do and what to visit in this historical city, here you will be able to find some interesting suggestions that will allow you to fully enjoy your stay in one of Spain’s most enchanting locations without having to spend […]


Flickr CC djrue

Hailed as one of the most colourful and vibrant cities in the world, Marrakech is Morocco’s most popular tourist destination, and offers visitors a treat for all the senses. Overlooked by the hazy peaks of the High Atlas Mountains, Marrakech provides a real taste of Morocco, housing more than 1,000 years of history, a bustling […]


At the airport - Flickr CC charclam

For many people in these austere times, having a holiday can put a serious dent into already stretched savings. However, enjoying cheap holidays in 2013 and beyond that ensure you get that much needed break without breaking the bank are very much possible if you follow a few simple steps when planning your trip. 1. Location, location, […]

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Teenagers playing football in the rain - Flickr CC Marlon Dias

With the World Cup heading to Brazil in 2014, the entire continent of South America has caught soccer fever. Kicking off their very own Alternative World Cup, Netflights is inspiring travellers with the top monuments, cities, foods, bars and weird facts of the nation’s competing at the June games. Inspired by Netflights’ AWC idea, we’ve decided to put […]

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Flickr CC Trish Hartmann

Located right at the crossroads between the Mediterranean and the Balkans, you’ll find Croatia – a country with a stretch of inviting beaches, stunning hill-perched villages, and plenty of Roman ruins. Its moderate climate makes it a great destination anytime of the year, and with plenty of places to explore in the country, it’s a […]

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Dublin on New Years- Flickr CC dansapples

The blarney, craic and coffee, the Guinness, whisky and story, the folk fables, folk music and the folk themselves – there are so many reasons to visit Ireland nestled within it’s lush, majestic and equally rugged country that it’s no wonder 2014 is looking like one of the best years to visit. Ever. After long […]

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