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Big smile on his face by flickr user rhan

  Whether you have been on safari before or are new to the adventure, Botswana will not disappoint you, offering a spectacular spectrum of experiences that will surely put a smile on your face.   I’ll admit I have experienced a safari before, several years ago, but this time we were travelling in style and […]


lanzarote camel ride at timanfaya national park

The easternmost of the Canaries, Lanzarote has lots to offer every type of traveller, but the island has certain quirks that set it apart from the others. Whether you’re going on your family holidays or fancy a break away with your mates, we’ve rounded up four random things to check off your list while you’re […]


A smiling faces in Prague

Prague almost seems like it doesn’t even belong on this planet – instead coming straight from a ferry-tale.  If I only could visit one place in Europe the rest of my life it would be here.  Although it was once considered a bargain destination it certainly no longer wields that title; however, the capital city of […]



Florence is world renowned for its charming looks.  From Michelangelo’s David to the latest fashions from world-class designers, this city is like a peacock boasting its feathers at full display.  Historians will surely remember this cities short stint as the capital of Italy in 1865.  The city was transformed during this time to the modern […]


Smiling faces in Vienna

  For history buffs and/or modern day enthusiasts, few cities cities compare to Vienna.  One can slip into a time warp by marvelling at the Imperial palaces and suddenly be jolted back to reality by the dynamic urban scenes.  Food and wine can be seen on display around just about every corner. 1)  Visit the […]


Smiling faces in Venice, Italy

Few cities in Europe compare to Venice in terms of flat out popularity.  If this city was personified it would most likely be as a primping Prima Donna.  It’s simply a gorgeous city that is nothing short of an engineering marvel.  It’s a place that will surely put a smile on your face.  Consider doing […]

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These two particular Bangladeshi boys caught my attention and were thrilled when I asked to take their photo.  Not only did they pose for me but they kept inching closer to the camera and making silly faces.  It was a wonderful moment shared with locals.

When I arrived in Old Dhaka, Bangladesh after a nearly 24 hour bus journey from Kolkata, India I knew I was in for a radically new travel experience.  Upon checking into my room for the night I quickly noticed my toilet was of the squat variety and that no toilet paper was provided in the […]


Smiling faces along Hadrian

For lovers of ancient Roman architecture or ancient British history, a hike along the 80 miles of Roman pathways that constitute the remnants of Hadrian’s Wall is well worth the adventure. It’s perfect for those hoping to backpack through their vacation as the various one to two day walks along the wall are all within […]

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